Type of Services Offered

As we all know right talent at right place can do wonders, and when these people work together the work is called miracle. But in today’s world finding a right talent or finding a place as per your talent is a big achievement. Sam take care of your talent and your talent needs. Sam is a Staffing company which work with due diligence to resolve all you hiring need.

Sam believes in serving best and giving on time delivery to its client as we understand that filling a position can be challenging and time consuming task.

Sam approach are always customer centric and we understand that ours customers also the clients which are demanding.

We as Sam are very particular about Turnaround time and smooth servicing.

Sam caters both Technical and Non- Technical Profiles

Permanent and Temporary Hiring :

Our approach towards permanent hiring are Strategic and focused as we are backed by recruiters who have expertise in both IT And Non-IT hiring, we have dedicated resources for both Technical and Non-Technical requirements who have created there resource pool from years of working.

We as Sam have engraved few things in our working style that are:

  • Timely delivery
  • Customized approach
  • Flexibility in working with clients
  • Smooth Servicing
We make sure that we fulfil this task till all are satisfied

Sam model of hiring is step wise, we first take and in-depth understanding on requirement of the client and take a unique step toward its as we understand that every client that we serve are different and have different Expectations on the requirements that they forward us.

Campus Hiring:

Sam also provide solutions on bring up new and energetic talent to their clients though campus hiring. We have various tie-Ups with colleges to source young and energetic bloods to our clients.

We as Sam counsel the students and train them as per the requirements of our clients, which indeed help our clients in on boarding talents which are fresh but have a handful knowledge about the work and expectations that our clients are looking from them.

In Short we help them in becoming professionals from Students.

RPO &Turnkey Hiring:

As Sam mentioned above that our customers also have clients that may be demanding and defocusing from clients to Hiring can be challenging, so what Sam Says don’t worry leave all your hiring system to us and focus on your Clients.

Sam’s RPO &Turnkey Hiring Include well Read, Understood and Strategies approach to the clients. Our panel takes an proper in site of your Requirement and Strategies them accompanied by the Flexibility. Our approach is always Flexible and Customized based on our Clients need at any point of time on the given project.

So, in this Service we take care of all your Recruitment needs, it may be needed when you are opening a New Branch office, Expanding your Company, MNC Venturing in India. This can include filling up Positions from your Bottom Level to Top Level management.

Some Features that we give in this type of Hiring are mentioned below:

  • Eliminate fixed cost associated with recruiting
  • Support in Job description creation.
  • End to End support
  • Mandate brief, Positioning and Prioritizing as per business need
  • Scale recruiting capacity up or down on-demand
  • Assistance in Offer Negotiation and on boarding
  • Increase candidate quality and hiring manager satisfaction
  • Increase candidate quality and hiring manager satisfaction

Executive Search:

Sam believes that there are few talent in this world which are amazing and exceptional and they are called leaders. Sam executive search will help you find your leaders, we have ensured to maintain the database of premium talent at this level from different domain. Also our Search team make it Possible to find out talent at this level Sam executive Search mainly Focus on CEO, CXO and Other C-Level Searches